NIRSpec Urea-s analyzer

On-line analysis of Urea Solution

bringing to Industry 4 and Quality 4

NIRSpec Urea-s process analyzer

NIRSpec image

NIRSpec Urea-s process analyzer is a prerequisite in the upcoming transformation/transition of Urea plants to Industry 4 and Quality 4.

It provides real-time continuous data on the chemical composition of Urea solution enabling advanced process control and model based predictive control strategies and ultimately a more accurate digital twin model, which can be used for real-time optimization to improve the performance of the plant.

NIRSpec Urea-s analyzer validated for Stamicarbon technologies for Urea Solution production.


Accuracy up to 0.1% wt. (for all components).

State of the art (proprietary) multivariate calibration with compensation for product temperature variation and for turbidity.

Robust, durable industrial design (no moving parts).

Large transillumination area, hence less sensitivity to optical window fouling, better repeatability.

Automatic washing/cleaning of optical windows.

Operating pressure up to 10 bar.

Operating temperature up to 120 °C.

RS485 MODBUS interface.

IP68 rating.


Provides real-time accurate data on chemical composition to DCS/SCADA for better process control.

Low operating and maintenance costs.

High accuracy, repeatability and stability.

Eliminates time-loss and cost for sampling and laboratory measurements.

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