Benchtop NIR Analyzer

for the Analysis of Liquid Products in Nitrogen Industry

- making routine analysis easier -

Benchtop NIR Analyzer

Benchtop NIR Analyzer image

Accuracy, Speed, and Simplicity in Routine Measurements.

No more complex and time-consuming lab analysis.

Leveraging our market leading expertise in the field of NIR analysis of liquid samples in the Nitrogen Industry.

Experience SPRANA's New Benchtop NIR Analyzer!

  • Purpose-Built Calibration

    Tailored specifically for UAN, DEF/AdBlue, and Urea Solutions (high concentrations), ensuring accurate measurements for your specific needs.

  • Best in Class Accuracy

    Achieve accuracy levels up to 0.06% wt, setting a new standard for accuracy & precision in quantitative NIR analysis of samples in the Nitrogen field.

  • Analysis of Multiple Components

    for Urea, Ammonium Nitrate, Nitrogen (different forms and total), Water, Biuret and Free Ammonia.

  • Fast Measurement / analysis

    Get results in just 5 seconds, optimizing your routine analysis like never before.

Main features

Double Beam Instrument: Ensures accurate measurements every time.

Temperature Controlled Cell Holder: Ensures accurate temperature of a sample.

Long-Life Light Source: Reliable performance for extended periods.

Fast Scans: Makes the analysis very fast.

Easy-to-use Software: Intuitive interface for effortless operation.

Full Hardware Diagnostic: Monitor device health with ease.

Easy Periodic Calibration: Conducted remotely by SPRANA specialists.

User Benefits

Plug and Play: No calibration required, making setup a breeze!

User-Friendly Interface: No specialized personnel or extensive training needed; can be used by operators, lab technicians (quality specialists), technologists, and others.

Versatile Application: Suitable for both laboratory environment and production.

No Sample Preparation Required: Streamline your workflow with hassle-free operation.

Full Data Digitalization: Easily transfer data to digital storage for seamless integration into your system.

Kick-Start Offer for the First 10 Customers:

Seize the Opportunity to be among the First to Experience the Ease of routine analysis in Nitrogen Industry.

25% price discount: €30,000 (market price: €40,000).

3 year extended warranty for peace of mind.

2 year periodic updating of the calibration model to ensure continued improvement of accuracy.

3 year supply of light source.

1 year supply of certified calibration standards.

1 year of online support, consulting assistance for headache-free operation.

Estimated delivery time IV Quarter of 2024.

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