Process Analytical Instrumentation

for on-line/ in-line/ at-line analysis
and monitoring of industrial processes

Our vision

Real-time on-line/in-line process analytics (PAI) is one of the corner stones in the upcoming Industry 4 & Quality 4 revolution.
Effective process and product quality control can only be achieved with real-time (fast) measurements, therefore, conventional off-line analysis (often too slow/infrequent and costly) is being replaced by on-line analytical instruments/sensors that give instant feedback and can bring process & product quality control to the next level, and we are striving for that.


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  • On-line analysis of
    Urea Ammonium Nitrate composition

    NIRSpec UAN process analyzer is the state of the art solution that can measure the concentrations of all UAN components. The technology validated by Stamicarbon.

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  • On-line analysis of
    Urea composition

    NIRSpec Urea-s analyzer provides real-time accurate data on chemical composition to DCS/SCADA for better process control. The solution validated for Stamicarbon technologies for Urea production.

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The new level of manufacturing business

The continuous process improvement and quality management in a 24/7 working mode is a new standard. Therefore, automation and advanced digital technologies in the industrial processes are becoming not an exclusivity but a necessity due to higher market and environmental requirements.

Quality 4.0 is among the many developments that are giving rise to the Smart Factory, in which digitally enhanced plant structures and processes increase productivity and flexibility in the factory and throughout the supply chain.
Digital technologies also enable people to do their jobs faster, better, and at reduced cost.

On-line quality control

Real-time continuous monitoring;

Better (more tight) process and product quality control;

Increased productivity/yield;

Higher/better health and safety assurance;

No human error.

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