Process Analytical Technology

solutions for on-line/ in-line/ at-line analysis
and monitoring of industrial processes

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Our vision

Real-time on-line/in-line process analytics (PAT) is one of the corner stones in the upcoming Industry 4 & Quality 4 revolution.
Effective process and product quality control can only be achieved with real-time (fast) measurements, therefore, conventional off-line analysis (often too slow/infrequent and costly) is being replaced by on-line analytical instruments/sensors that give instant feedback and can bring process & product quality control to the next level, and we are striving for that.


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  • On-line analysis of
    Urea Ammonium Nitrate composition

    NIRSpec UAN process analyzer is the state of the art solution that can measure not only the concentrations of the main UAN components: Urea, Ammonium Nitrate and Water, but also the concentration of the unwanted by-product Biuret.

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  • Express On-line
    PET Preform Color Inspection

    PET preforms colour inspection system (PSIS) is designed to automated PET preforms colour stability check directly on the production line by which newly made preforms are being transferred from the moulding machine to holding containers.

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The new level of your manufacturing business

Increase Revenue

Defective parts are immediately removed from the process in early production stages.

Increase Productivity

On-line/ in-line/ at-line system allows to inspect multiple objects instantly.

Increase process control

Easier track and trace throughout your manufacturing operations.

Increase working time

24 h/day, 365 d/year without breaks and days off.

Increase production space

Solutions embeded into production line take up almost no space.

Increase accuracy

Minimize the amount of mistakes related to human reliability.

Increase safety

Better to use machines in dangerous or environmentally unfriendly work.

Increase vision

Inspect objects which are invisible to the human eye.

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